1 C And C++ MCQ Questions in hindi English


C and C++ are kinds of middle-level computer languages. Programming in C++, an object-oriented language, offers applications a distinct structure and encourages code reuse, which reduces development costs. Applications that can be converted to different platforms can be created using C++ because it is portable.  C++ is closer to the compiler and faster than C language. It is a statically typed programming language i.e it uses static typing when type checking is performed during compile-time as opposed to run time. Learning C++ is enjoyable and simple. C++ is a superset of the C language. Let's do a quiz about C and C++ Languages that will help you to level up your knowledge and prepare for exams.

What will the output of the following C++ programme be? #include #include using namespace std; int main() { cout << setprecision(17); double d = 0.1; cout << d << endl; return 0; }

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