2449+ MCQ Questions हिन्दी


How many Red Balls are there in Snooker?

When soaked in water, chickpeas can expand up to three times their original size. This phenomena is referred to as?

The earthquake's Shadow Zone, which extends from the focus, is situated between:

In which of the following sports Decision Referral System is used?

Which among the following is not a primary greenhouse gas?

4. According to the 2011 Census, what is Uttarakhand's literacy rate?

What did James Watt invent?

Which of the following facts about a pendulum in motion is true when it is at the bottom (middle of the arc)?

Who was the first governor of Uttarakhand?

Who is called the Chanakya of Garhwal?

M Vijayakrishna Memorial Cup is associated with which of the following sports?

The San Andreas Fault serves as an illustration of a

The "Escherichia coli" bacteria are mostly found in

How many States are there in Uttarakhand?

How many development blocks are there in Uttarakhand?

The Parmar rulers were given the title of Shah by whom?

Who among the following was the first woman governor of Uttarakhand?

What district is the Jageshwar temple situated in?

Which of the following cereals has the disease "Karnal bunt"?

According to the Dilatancy Theory:

What one of the following is referred to as quick lime?

When was the revenue policing system implemented in the Uttarakhand state?

What is the location of the village of Branston, after which the famous pickle is named?

The ruler of the Parmara dynasty was the gotra of Kanakpal?

What is the second official language of Uttarakhand, besides Hindi?

The Mississippi delta serves as an illustration of:

Which district has maximum number of villages?

(ii) The author of The Origins of Mountain Theory of Isostasy is:

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