2887+ MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


Which of the following is not a required qualification for the post of Vice-President?

The greatest four digit number which is exactly divisible by each one of the numbers 12, 18, 21 and 28.

On whose advice the President can promulgate or withdraw an ordinance?

In this question, the statement is followed by two conclusions. Which of the two conclusion(s) is/are true? Statement: A = B ≥ C ≤ D > G < E < F

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Fathometer is used to measure

Which State has recently launched the Student Police Cadet (SPC) scheme for class 8 and 9 students?

With which company, ISRO signed a contract to train Indian astronauts for 'Gaganyaan'?

Which bank has recently launched RuPay Credit Card for self-employed customers?

Megasthenes was at the court of?

Megasthenes was born in Asia Minor and served as an ambassador for the Seleucid dynasty's Seleucus I Nicator to Chandragupta Maurya in Pataliputra, India. Megasthenes' account of Mauryan India is Indica.

The main historical source regarding the information about Self-government under the Cholas is the?

The Uthiramerur temple inscriptions are significant for their historical descriptions of rural self-government. According to them, Uthiramerur had two village assemblies: Sabha and Ur. The Chola administration is well-known for its local government.

Directions: In each of the following questions, select the related word from the given alternatives. Q : Novelty : Oldness : : Newness : ?

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Choose that set of numbers from the four alternative sets, that is similar to the given set. Given set: (16, 8, 2)

Who sits at the extreme right hand corner of the line?

"Me" is the object pronoun, while "I" is the subject pronoun.

In the sentence "The cat chased the mouse," "chased" is the past perfect verb form.

"Fewer" is used for countable nouns, while "less" is used for uncountable nouns.

The sentence "Whom is coming to the party?" is grammatically correct.

The term "homonym" refers to words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings.

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The sentence "I before E, except after C" is a reliable spelling rule in the English language.

The apostrophe in "it's" always indicates possession.

In the sentence "She is taller than I," "I" is the object of the comparison.

An adverb is a part of speech that describes a noun.

The word "between" is a preposition.

In which case the Supreme Court ruled that the Parliament cannot amend the basic features of the Constitution of India?

What is the maximum period for which an M.P. can be absent in the House of people?

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Whose prior permission is needed to introduce a bill in the Parliament for the reorganization of States?

The constitution of India is considered federal in nature, and unitary in spirit. Which of the following is not a federal feature?

How many sessions did Constituent Assembly take to draft the Constitution of India?

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