106 C And C++ MCQ Questions in english हिन्दी


C and C++ are kinds of middle-level computer languages. Programming in C++, an object-oriented language, offers applications a distinct structure and encourages code reuse, which reduces development costs. Applications that can be converted to different platforms can be created using C++ because it is portable.  C++ is closer to the compiler and faster than C language. It is a statically typed programming language i.e it uses static typing when type checking is performed during compile-time as opposed to run time. Learning C++ is enjoyable and simple. C++ is a superset of the C language. Let's do a quiz about C and C++ Languages that will help you to level up your knowledge and prepare for exams.

What is a lint?

Which of the following statements about a macro definition with arguments is true?

What is required in each C program?

What is the permitted range for integer constants in a 16-bit compiler?

What do the lines below void sum (int, int);

When was C Language created?

How many loops are there in C

What will the following C++ code snippet produce? #include using namespace std; int operate (int a, int b) { return (a * b); } float operate (float a, float b) { return (a / b); } int main() { int x = 5, y = 2; float n = 5.0, m = 2.0; cout << operate(x, y) <<"\t"; cout << operate (n, m); return 0; }

How do classes and structures differ in C++?

What will the upcoming C++ program's output be? #include using namespace std; class A{ public: A(){ cout<<"Constructor called\n"; } ~A(){ cout<<"Destructor called\n"; } }; int main(int argc, char const *argv[]) { A *a = new A[5]; delete[] a; return 0; }

What will the following C++ programme produce? #include #include using namespace std; int main () { string str ("Sanfoundry"); for (size_t i = 0; i < str.length();) { cout << str.at(i-1); } return 0; }

Which of these operators is used to reference every external variable when capturing them all?

Which of these math libraries is used by C++ when manipulating vectors?

Which of these objects' data is loaded in the locale object?

Which of these functions is used to add a specific amount to the iterator?

Which of these values will be highlighted first in a heap?

What kind of relationship does inheritance model?

Which container is the best for keeping a collection of various distinct elements?

Which header file do we employ for producing random numbers?

We can apply RTTI to which of the class types?

What is the syntax for throwing an exception?

What handler do we use if we want to handle all the types of exceptions?

What does the term "polymorphism" mean?

What is used for dereferencing?

Which of these keywords do we use for the declaration of the friend function?

is it necessary for us to incorporate in our software the ability to group particular lines of code?

What would happen if a void was used in the argument's passing?

How do we determine whether a letter is a space or a tab? Which function do we use?

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